Does this sound like you?

You are an institution or body that is passionate and enthusiastic about your pupils and staff.

Where academic excellence, a sense of community, and integrity exists.

But with the changing of circumstances, increasing workloads and other unforeseen external pressures your pupils and staff feel out of alignment, stressed, and sometimes find it all too overwhelming. 

You want more. If so, you are in the right place

Ameeta Davis


Flavia Vincenzi


What You’ll Get During This 360 From The Core Free Strategy Call

What You’ll Do Before the Call

  • Determine three areas you would like to level up, in the areas of communication and support of students and staff. 
  • Read the 'About You' section for ideas of how we can help you. 

What Happens During the Call

With reference to the areas you have outlined, we will:

  • Discuss the outcomes you want from the coaching

  • Explain how we can deliver these outcomes using our 360 framework and stress busting techniques

  • Demonstrate a taster of simple ten seconds to a couple of minutes stress busting techniques

What Changes After the Call

If you decide to become our clients, 

  • We will deliver an agreed number of sessions with your chosen students or chosen staff or both but separately. 
  • We will apply the areas of the 360 From The Core framework in reference to the areas you wish to enhance and up level. 
  • We will instruct the chosen students and staff in simple ten second to a few minutes stress buster techniques, so that they prepare themselves when needed before stressful situations or when they find themselves anxious.
  • There will also be time for Q/A and discussion/feedback, so we all can be sure that the techniques are understood and used correctly.

About Us

We’re 360 from the Core. We’re all about improving mental fitness and our approach is fresh, new and above all holistic, underpinned by our diverse set of skills and work experience of working with young school children, care givers and staff working with children. 

We’re two dynamic dynamos whose uniqueness stems from our differing cultures and experience as  educators, life coaches  and carers. 

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s level up your Students' and Staff's mental fitness together!