Does this sound like you?

You are an institution or body that is passionate and enthusiastic about your pupils and staff.

Where academic excellence, a sense of community, and integrity exists. Where there is mutual respect between staff and students and the school is seen as a familiar and safe place away from home.

But with the changing of circumstances, increasing workloads and other unforeseen external pressures your pupils and staff feel out of alignment, stressed, and sometimes find it all too overwhelming to muddle on. 

They find it harder to communicate their needs and be heard and possibly feel lonely and invisible, if not misunderstood.

Your pupils and staff have deep insight and understanding

But you want to skill up your pupils and staff so they can act before they feel overwhelmed and help them prepare themselves to navigate the changes and be curious and excited about their learning and the challenges ahead of them.

You want them to be fearless, free of fear.

Your staff and pupils have a great drive and a bias for action

But they aren’t very good at maintaining focus with all their ‘balls in the air’ at home, school, college, and university. 

You want your staff and pupils to focus on their mental health

But you are dealing with resistance or “We already know how to do that” or “That’s nice but we don’t have time”.

You want more.

If so, you are in the right place