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We’re 360 from the Core. We’re all about improving mental fitness and our approach is fresh, new and above all holistic, underpinned by our diverse set of skills and work experience of working with young school children, care givers and staff working with children. 

We’re two dynamic dynamos whose uniqueness stems from our differing cultures and experience as educators, life coaches and carers. Our core belief is that good mental fitness comes from deep within us - right from the core of our very being. 

It all starts with YOU! 

We want to help you in your quest to strengthen mental fitness in your environment by connecting individuals to themselves and to those around them. From here they will build better self-concept, resilience, and stronger interpersonal relationships.

Education is the proper way to promote compassion and tolerance in society. Compassion and peace of mind bring a sense of confidence that reduce stress and anxiety, whereas anger and hatred come from frustration and undermine our sense of trust. Because of ignorance, many of our problems are our own creation. Education, however, is the instrument that increases our ability to employ our own intelligence.

Dalai Lama

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Praise and Testimonials

  • Thank you so much for the Stress Busting Workshop, wow, it was amazing. I feel I have so much to say about it all but I can't put my feelings into words, it was so special, what a treat, the kindness & caring of the 360 from the Core Team was personally felt even through Zoom. Need more of these sessions, it was a beautiful experience and a blessing

Bucks Carers course attendee

  • How good could the timing be?  Two days after the stress busting session, I was in a car accident - glad to report I escaped in a better condition than the car!  Woke the next morning after a reasonable sleep - then the shock of the day before hit me like a thunderbolt and I could feel the blood pressure rising dramatically.  After closing my eyes, concentrating very hard on smooth breathing and rubbing fingers and thumbs together, I felt I managed to get a degree of control and eventually calmed down.  My thanks to Ameeta I am sure for dealing with this difficult moment. So it was obviously time very well spent!

  • Excellent workshop and I liked the variety of speakers and various tips. I will definitely look up website of 360 from the core to see what they offer

    I would be interested in developing these skills further as can really see their benefit


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