Be Aware and Know Your Mind

Put your hands up if you learnt at school how to deal with the pain we can feel in life.

In school we are taught many wonderful things but not necessarily the important lesson that it is not life but our own negative reactions to what happens to us, that is the cause of psychological pain.

From birth our mind can be static, tethered and conditioned in certain ideas, dogmas, beliefs, influences, and tradition.

Yet it is with this somewhat static and tethered mind we meet life that is always in movement.

You have to ask the question is it even possible to understand the complex problems of living if you haven’t enquired into how your mind works?

Especially as it is the mind that is the only instrument we use to think and take action with!

You can’t understand your own mind by reading about it but instead you have to observe your unique mind in action.

Life with its complex and swiftly changing problems needs us to learn to have a fresh approach which can only happen through your self-discovery.

To know oneself we need to be aware of ourselves in action and in relationship. In relationship to your society, your partner, children etc.

To discover how you act you need to practice alertness of the mind and a keenness of perception. These are the building blocks of mental fitness and 360 from the Core.

Share with us the moments when you were most alert and the problems somehow changed from impossible to manageable.


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